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How to prepare for your web design project

A project is a collaborative enterprise that has a plan to achieve a particular aim or goal. What about a web design project? A web design project applies all the aspects of a project. These aspects are collaboration, planning, and a goal. With that, you’ll realize most of the things we set out to achieve […]

Why it’s healthy to update your website regularly

Operating your website without updates is like riding your car without maintaining it. If you think of it, the website update cost might be cumulatively cheap than covering an accident. At times if things go wrong, we usually have the insurance cover to help bail us out. The insurance can be compared to hiring a […]

What is S.E.O or Search Engine Optimization?

For good SEO you have to ensure you are keywords are precise and related to what you do, your location is accurate, the content on your page is relevant to what you do, your page is optimized so that it takes the shortest time possible to Lord, and that it has an excellent design to enable people to have a good experience.

Modern Day Definition of a Website

Probably you’ve heard someone define a website as a collection of web pages connected via hyperlinks. That’s right but in the modern-day, it’s more than that. A modern-day website should be able to communicate in a similar way to a person. To mean it should have a personality. We give websites personality through a process called branding. Just like a person a website has a name, face, body features, complexion and a vocabulary to communicate.