The Basics of UI and UX Design

UI and UX design are like Batman and Robin – they work best when they’re together! UX design is like Batman, providing the backbone and strategy for the project while UI design is like Robin, adding that extra layer of style and flair. Together, they create a dynamic duo that can conquer any design challenge. […]

How to prepare for your web design project

A project is a collaborative enterprise that has a plan to achieve a particular aim or goal. What about a web design project? A web design project applies all the aspects of a project. These aspects are collaboration, planning, and a goal. With that, you’ll realize most of the things we set out to achieve […]

Why it’s healthy to update your website regularly

Operating your website without updates is like riding your car without maintaining it. If you think of it, the website update cost might be cumulatively cheap than covering an accident. At times if things go wrong, we usually have the insurance cover to help bail us out. The insurance can be compared to hiring a […]