Modern Day Definition of a Website

What is a website?

A website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name, typically produced by a single person or organization. That is the definition you come across on the internet, though many have changed as websites have become more than just a collection of web pages.

As people get more and more hooked to their phones, we tend to lose that human touch. It’s in our nature to want to have that sense of belonging or get approval and, we still yearn for that human connection and tend to interact more with content that resonates with how we want to feel. That fact has changed how we come up with designs and present content to the end-users.

Modern Day Website

The change has pushed the designers to breathe life into their designs through a process we call branding. Branding is giving personality to your product or business. Since the term personality is related to the term person is an indication that a website has some features like those of humans. What are the common characteristics of humans? They have a name, face, complexion, character, body parts, and other things. We will concentrate on the five for now.

A website has a name we refer to as a domain name that helps to identify a website. Unlike humans, not all websites can have the same name cause the website domain name only acts as a map to a very long address used to identify a website server.

When you land on a website, one thing that helps you identify with it is the logo. The logo acts as the face. Before checking anything on the website, you usually meet the logo to confirm that you are in the right place. The next thing is the complexion. Now you can think of it as brand colors. Different fields, different genders, basically demography have different colors that relate to them. Like you’d say, most fast-food restaurants go with the color red and yellow. That is one thing you need to get right to make your audience feel comfortable.

It gets interesting when you talk about character. How would you determine someone’s nature? It’s through how they communicate and behave. A website communicates through content, and its behavior is determined by how the design looks and feels. The content should be progressive in that it directs the user on what to do next, and the design should be flawless. Lastly, the body features of humans relate to things like fonts, button shapes, icons on a website, and other elements. That will tell you if it’s a formal website or an informal, timeless, or contemporary. They help you with the identity of the business.


To induct a great personality on your website, you need a clear strategy for the business, design, and content. That will ensure success, and it will help you stay in business for a long time. You can create a business strategy using the business model canvas or any other business model available. Design and content strategy needs a qualified UI/UX designer or strategist. If you have a plan, you might end up spending less and seeing it through.

Website Features Summary

  • Name – Domain Name
  • Face – Logo
  • Features – Fonts & Shapes
  • Complexion – Brand Colors
  • Character Definition – Tagline
  • Vocabulary – Website Content

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