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Digital marketing

A successful business can’t just rely on a pretty website; it needs the right amount of traffic from the right sources in order to compete in today’s marketplace. We can help you with web content writing, link building, social media management, and more!

social Media Marketing

Social media is an important part of any good digital marketing strategy. Lytfix can help you gain more followers and likes by creating eye-catching posts and messages tailored just for you! We’ll also optimize your posts so they are seen in as many places as possible – giving you maximum exposure!

Search Engine Optimization

A successful SEO campaign requires many different components, including good content and strong on-page optimization; an effective link-building strategy; social media marketing; keyword research; technical SEO best practices. Let’s handle it all for you.

PPC Management

Paid marketing is a form of marketing that uses financial transactions as a form of advertising. It is often used in the context of online advertising and social media. We’ll hand Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube Ads.

Content Creation

Content is the most important part of building a successful website. It is what your visitors are looking for and it is what they will judge your website by. It is also what search engines will use to determine how relevant your site is to a given topic.


Building a brand can be a challenging process. Luckily at Lytfix, we have the expertise to take your idea and turn it into a world-recognized brand. From research to strategy and execution.

website design

We have the skillset to create stunning websites for all types of industries. We make sure your website is easy to navigate, responsive for mobile devices, and has powerful features like e-Commerce, blog, or forum.

user experience

We build user interfaces and user experiences that keep users coming back for more! Using specialized design templates and optimized code snippets, we’ll have your UI/UX project done in no time.

app design

Designing is what we do best, so let us take care of everything from UX to web design, graphic design, social media marketing, web security and more. Get the complete package with no extra cost.

creative & design

We have the skillset to create stunning designs for all types of industries. We make sure your website is easy to navigate, responsive for mobile devices, and has powerful features like e-commerce, blog, or forum.


We offer diverse solutions with a holistic approach to help you reach the next level of success with ease and without breaking the bank. With our deep expertise in User Experience Design, Wireframe Design, Branding, Web Security, and much more, we can help you grow your business and solve any problem.

Web security

Website security is the process of protecting a website from unauthorized access, usually by making it more difficult to attack. Website security is often a combination of both technical and nontechnical measures.

website support

 It encompasses all the tasks that are necessary to keep a website up and running. It is important to perform these tasks on a regular basis in order to avoid having your website become inaccessible, or worse, hacked.

app development

Application software, or just an “app” for short, is a computer program designed to help the user accomplish a specific task. We develop both web and mobile apps that include games, entertainment apps, productivity apps, and healthcare applications.


An e-commerce website is a website where you can buy products or services. It is an online shop that you can visit in order to purchase something. We use high-quality and modern payment technologies that ensure seamless and swift transactions.