Did you know that your audience influences your design?

To get the best out of your web design project you have to understand your target audience. By that I mean you have to be keen on what’s their core business when they interact with your website. Websites function like any other visual medium and their design should cater to their audience. There are three categories of website visitors; Readers, Viewers, and Users. I’m going to share what each type is more concerned with and how you can better the experience for your audience.

3 Types of Webiste Audience


Readers are website visitors who just want to read and consume as much content as possible. They turn to a website like a novel. The visual cues in the user interface should signal ROI (Return on investment). The font used on the website should be readable and the colors used tackle eye fatigue.

Key Feature: User Experience

Type of websites: Blogs.


Viewers are those who seek entertainment. A little bit of surprise and seduction along the way. The trick for them is using animations and motion graphics. The site should have that appeal to what they desire if it’s a movie, art, products lookbook, etc.

Type of sites: Streaming, Portfolio, Art, Photography.

Key Feature: User Interface, User Experience


Users are those who want to find answers online. They lack patience and love it when navigation and text are clear. They want to achieve a specific task on a website in the shortest time possible and care more about functionality and the intuitiveness of the site. Achieving an exquisite user experience will be key to boosting the use of the functionalities implemented.

Key: Functionality, User Experience

Type of sites: Portals, E-Commerce, Booking Sites

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